Your co-sign aint worth shit and this is why….

I never understood how rappers can have a big name cosign or even multiple cosigns and not have shit to show for it?!
If their connected to these big names how is it that their still not even remotely successful?
Maybe because you have to actually have talent and some kind of work ethic to carry the torch?
I’ve seen this happen for years now. someone gets a cosign and rides off the weight of someone else’s name only to completely fall off and quit rap years later.
Maybe being spoon fed is not the way to go. I can only imagine how these people feel knowing they let them swipe their name left and right to get into shows free, kick a accapella or two and maybe bag a groupie. Its gotta be disappointing seeing someone you vouch for fall on their face because they cant hold their own. Or maybe, just maybe they’re the right kinda person their looking for…a puppet. someone they can mold and dress up, making you sing and dance how they want and when they want.
I don’t know I guess it all depends. I’d rather become a legend than to be UNDER a legend.
To each his own.

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