Pawz One announces pre-order of “Face The Facts” Album on 12″ Vinyl


Pawz One announces pre-order of “Face The Facts” on 12″ Vinyl.

Featuring a combination of gritty and smooth production from Los Angeles producers Default & Breeze that embody the genuine golden-era style. Heavyweight guests such as Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Ras Kass, Termanology, 2Mex and Masta Ace all make solid appearances throughout the album.

“Face The Facts” has impact audiences all over the world by carrying on tradition and adding something new to hip hop’s already rich history. The cultures in good hands, it’s time to face the facts!

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Track Listing:

Side A
A1. Face The Facts
[Music Video] A2. What You Make It
A3. Trust No One
A4. People You Know (Feat. 2Mex)
A5. Officer Down
A6. Mind Power (Feat. Termanology & Ras Kass)
A7. Blood Brothers

Side B
B8. Effortless
B9. Avalanche Warning (Feat. Rakaa Iriscience)
B10. You Could Be
B11. My Night
B12. Those Were The Days
B13. Bringing It Back (Feat. Self Provoked)
B14. The Luv [Remix] (Feat. Masta Ace & Ariano)

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